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Become Yeastar Certified Technician With Our Free Training Course

Free, online and self-paced—Yeastar now offers a brand-new learning course for those who are utterly new to the VoIP industry and Yeastar—the Yeastar Certified Technician Certification Online Training Course, giving participants a free chance to learn how to configure, manage and maintain Yeastar VoIP PBX.

Yeastar offers a variety of technical training services for channel partners and end-users. The whole training cycle of Yeastar Certification consists of three stages: the basic stage, the intermediate stage, and the advanced stage. The completion of each stage will earn participants a corresponding certification. And the free online training course we offer now is crafted for the basic stage.

The Online Training Course is well-structured and easy to learn for anyone interested in becoming a Yeastar Certified Technician. It consists of five video tutorials with an online exam, offering detailed instructions for industry rookies.

What You Will Learn:

  • S-Series VoIP PBX Introductionmodels, modular design, and hardware installation.
  • Basic Configuration: network settings, how to set up extensions and trunks.
  • Basic Management: various telephony features explained in details.
  • Basic Maintenance: how to upgrade, and how to back up and restore, etc.

After passing the online exam, participants will be awarded with Yeastar Certified Technician certificate, which is valid for 3 years, and ultimately be prepared for the further stage: the Intermediate Certification (YSCSSYSCRSYSCIS) and the Advanced Certification (YSCE).

Join YEASTAR free online training course and become a Yeastar Certified Technician.

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