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New Firmware Update Available for Yeastar Cloud PBX

We’re pleased to announce the new firmware version for Yeastar Cloud PBX, which brings several functional changes and important security improvements. One key update that we’re really excited about is that with YMP firmware version, YMP admin is able to monitor active calls in a more cost efficient way. Just as importantly, the firmware version for PBX instance also comes with great security enhancements. We recommend updating the firmware as soon as possible.


  1. Added support for monitoring active calls of PBX instances, and setting alerts of PBX active calls.
  2. Added support for monitoring the total active calls of the YMP server, and setting alerts of YMP active calls.
  3. Added support for modifying the name of PBX instance.
  4. Fixed the bug that the SIP Server was wrong in the PBX information Email.


  • Improved the security of PBX instance.

Please check for new update in your Cloud PBX web interface.

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