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PBX or VoIP? 


A private branch exchange, also known as a PBX, is a form of office phone system. It establishes a network connection for all office desk phones. It allows your company to make free internal calls as well as free call transfers. A company or a business might have more phones than phone lines with a PBX. It employs extensions to redirect calls to the company number rather than physical lines. Analog switchboards, similar to the public switched telephone network, were utilised in legacy PBX systems (PSTN). For internal calls, most PBX systems now employ digital networking protocols (IP). IP PBX is another name for these modern systems. A PBX, or private branch exchange, is an on-premise phone system that is not connected to the internet. 


Another type of phone system technology is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP refers to the conversion of voice to data and transmission across a data network. VoIP can be installed on-premises or hosted. In the telecommunications sector, VoIP is a more recent invention than PBX. Newer isn’t necessarily better, as with most things. We’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages, but I strongly advise you to consult with a trustworthy telephony partner for further information.


Licenses are typically required for VoIP phone networks. This means that a licence governs all features, users, voicemail boxes, and so on. The feature or extension is developed after the licence is added. Cards were used in the PBX world. We needed to make sure we had enough ports on a card before adding another device or extension. 


We can use VoIP to integrate with other data network technologies. The computer’s integration allows us to operate phone functionalities using a software-based phone and our mouse (drag and drop transfer calls, click to dial, instant messaging, etc.). As a result, a truly unified communication platform is created. SIP platforms are used to build VoIP phone systems. Another technology that allows VoIP to function is SIP. We open up a larger range of phone possibilities with VoIP phone systems that use SIP as their technical basis. When comparing VoIP vs PBX, VoIP systems are more feature-rich, plain and easy. VoIP allows a phone system to communicate with other technologies on the same data network, elevating telephony to new heights. 

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