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What Do You Need To Know About PABX? 

Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) was made possible by the invention of electronic call switching, which eliminated the need for human operators. This innovation was the key to building a telephone system that eliminated the need to employ individuals to perform the menial tasks of answering and transferring incoming calls. 


Without delving too deeply into the technicalities, PABX systems in their most fundamental form assign extension numbers to each phone in an office. To make a call to a co-worker in the office next door, for instance, you would simply need to dial the extension number on your PABX-enabled phone, and the call would be routed directly to the recipient. 


Private Automatic Branch Exchange (PABX) systems have resolved this issue by removing the intermediaries (operators) while maintaining the structure of PBX systems. The phone extension numbers remained, but the switchboard was replaced with buttons directly on the telephones, allowing any employee to make internal calls without having to wait in line for what felt like an eternity. Modern PABX systems utilise IP-based phones, and providers of these services frequently rely their whole operation on internet connectivity, eliminating the need to install phone lines. 



In an increasingly interconnected and interdependent society, the necessity for rapid, dependable connectivity should take precedence over all other concerns. This is especially significant in commercial situations, where a few seconds (or even minutes) of hesitance or a slow session start-up can cost thousands of dollars. Voice over IP (internet protocol) technology is being utilised by a growing number of businesses to obtain the best results possible. It may be tough to choose the best communication solution for your organisation if you do not grasp its primary characteristics. 

main characteristics of a modern PABX system include: 

  •  Effortless call transferring

  • Adjustable to the needs of your business 

  • Using VoIP for the best call quality possible 

  • Constant connectivity independent from any phone service provider 

Some advanced features of modern PABX system: 

  • Auto Attendant  
  • Call Recording 
  • Conference Call  
  • Voicemail 
  • Call waiting 

    *please refer to features pages for more information* 

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