Yeastar Cloud Phone System for Business

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Power Up Your Business

Designed with the Business Owner in Mind, Yeastar Cloud PBX offers a wealth of UC Features which aim to increase efficiency and ease administrative burden.

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For The New-Age Boss

Managing Remote Teams Have Never Been Easier
Secure and Intuitive Browser Based PBX Interface for Remote Management

It cannot get any more convenient in terms of accessibility. Log in to manage your PBX settings on any web-browser. Geographical locations and time zones no longer matter, giving a new meaning to having full-access to your PBX system, 24/7.

Don’t worry about security either as every Yeastar Cloud PBX is accessed via a dedicated PBX Domain Name and private log-in credentials known only to its administrator.

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Web-based Management

Manage alll PBX settings and configurations conveniently via a web browser

Remote Branch Office Solution

Streamline your communications infrastructure by having all extensions across multiple remote branches built on a single Cloud PBX, and save time and effort that comes with managing they separately.

With full UC features such as direct extension-dialing, shared company contacts, presence, and instant messaging, remote teams will be able to communicate and work as if they were in the same office.

It also helps that inter-branch calling is free-of-charge, reducing outbound call costs between international offices so that more resources can be made available to other essential business functions.

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Centralized Control

Manage alll PBX settings and configurations conveniently via a web browser

Instant Scalability and Hassle-free Deployment

Minimize the time required for procurement and set-up of communication devices. Deploy extensions conveniently on your Cloud PBX to give new users instant access to your business line on their end-devices, vice versa. A fully scalable Cloud also means that you never have to worry about outgrowing your PBX system.

Whether or not it is to leverage on cost effectiveness from remote hiring, or centralizing control over company turnover across its multiple locations, Yeastar Cloud PBX helps managers carry them out efficiently for better, more productive operations.