Yeastar Cloud Phone System for Business


It all starts with call quality

We’ve built a stable foundation you can trust to carry all your conversations

Unlike other cloud PBX vendors

You are not sure if you are buying an free opensource or white labelled PBX solution.

You are not sure if your vendor is hosting the servers at their office, or if the datacenter they use is even at Singapore.

You are not sure if you are the actual owner of your numbers and if you are over charged on your SIP trunk subscription and phone bill.

You are not sure if your privacy is protected, if your data is protected.

Now, worry free with our solution, our transparent business model brings a solution consists of best vendor from their own industry:

Leading PBX brand

Leading PBX brand for quality assurance and recipient of multiple awards and allocades. Proprietary software developed by Yeastar professionals. You are not buying free, open source or OEM software. System Software updates are actively maintained to ensure that the solution stays relevant to users.

PBX management that is exclusively accessible to you
(not even your PBX vendor).

Full unlimited access to PBX features, configuration options and data.

No hidden costs involved with maintenance and technical support.

Modern And Green Data Centers
(AWS, DigitalOcean)

High redundancy: All data centers we use have top level of redundancy of critical components. Electricity outages are prevented by multiple power feeds, on-site power generators and enterprise-class UPS technology. Uninterrupted network connectivity is guaranteed by the simultaneous usage of multiple major carriers. Redundant and geographically distributed backups across countries and ontinents are possible thanks to the availability of multiple locations of the AWS, Alibaba & DigitalOcean Cloud’s facilities.

Fast connectivity: All data centers used by us offer high availability, low latency, and reliability. Our main data center partner – AWS is especially famous for maintaining one of the fastest and most powerful networks (among its data centers and not only). Route optimization technologies, connections to internet backbones, and other mechanisms are in place to guarantee high bandwidth capacity and fast

Multi-layered security: AWS Cloud's data centers, which we use are protected with several layers of security to prevent any unauthorized access to your data. Server room access is limited to AWS Cloud certified employees and 24/7 security teams are prepared to respond to any situation. Internet communication to the AWS Cloud infrastructure is encrypted in transit and access to sensitive data is
protected by advanced tools like phishing-resistant Security Keys.

Worldwide SIP trunk providers

Yeastar strives to ensure interoperability with ITSP Partners around the globe with in-depth testing. These SIP trunk providers have passed the compatibility test with Yeastar Cloud PBX. Pre-configured templates are included in the PBX management portal to make configuration easy and quick for you. Select to view a list of Yeastar certified SIP trunk providers in your country.

Yeastar Supported SIP Trunk Provides – ITSP Partners | Yeastar

Worldwide SIP trunk providers

Option 1: Bring your own SIP Trunk

SIP trunk is the next-in-line future-ready digital solution to replace existing physical telephone cables(ISDN/PSTN). Get your own SIP trunk and use it with Yeastar Cloud PBX so that you can choose your preferred SIP trunk provider and have full control over your numbers and usage. There are plenty of choices locally and internationally.

SG's favorite

Available in 2021

Singtel's offer

More details will be available at 2nd half of 2021

Coming soon...

Good DDI Rates

Block of 10 DDI $8.50/mth

MyRepublic's offer

SIP 5 channels - $40/mth
Block of 10DDI - $8.50/mth
Set up cost - $122.50/One-time
24 months contract

Setup Guide

Start small

SIP 2 channels $10/mth

Hoiio's offer

SIP 2 channels - $10/mth
L6 DDI x 1 - $5/mth
No setup cost
No contract

Setup Guide

IDD Calls

Save even more on IDD calls

Twilio's Offer

SIP 30 channels - $30/mth
L3 DDI only
No setup cost
No contract

Setup Guide

*Worldwide SIP Trunks & Setup Guide for Yeastar Cloud PBX

*Yeastar strives to ensure interoperability with SIP trunk partners around the globe with in-depth testing. These SIP trunk providers have passed the compatibility test with Yeastar Cloud PBX and pre-configured templates are included in Yeastar Cloud PBX that make configuration easy and quick. Select country to view a list of supported SIP trunk providers in your country, however, do take note that this list is NOT exhaustive

Since you are buying SIP trunk and DID numbers directly from Telcos, you are ensured that you are owning the numbers and there is no mark up on your telephone bills.

Our data protection and privacy policy

Our Service Level Agreement