Become Yeastar Certified Technician With Our Free Training Course

Free, online and self-paced—Yeastar now offers a brand-new learning course for those who are utterly new to the VoIP industry and Yeastar—the Yeastar Certified Technician Certification Online Training Course, giving participants a free chance to learn how to configure, manage and maintain Yeastar VoIP PBX. Yeastar offers a variety of technical training services for channel partners and […]

4 Things You Can Benefit from Yeastar Academy

Professional Technical Training Services empower customers with confidence and skills necessary to achieve and maintain the highest possible levels of competency. Since the very beginning, Yeastar has been dedicated to offering technical training services for our channel partners, aiming to provide them with professional Yeastar qualified Sales & Tech knowledge, and for that purpose, we set up the Yeastar Academy, a specialist institution with well-rounded […]

What’s the Difference between VoLTE and VoIP?

VoLTE technology has been getting a lot of attention, but for most people just coming across the term, it’s unclear exactly what it means and what the benefits will be. While another voice over IP technology, VoIP is widely known and used throughout the world, both for consumers and business users. Before we get into the difference […]

What Is Unified Communications

Unified Communications is often referred to as UC or in some instances UCC. The latter is the term that includes the word collaboration. Unified communications is the integration of many different  types of communication that happen in real-time. These include text messaging, voice communication, video, even collaboration. Today, businesses are enhancing their traditional PBX systems that […]

Meet All Your Training Needs at Yeastar Academy New Web Portal

Yeastar is very excited to unveil the new web portal for Yeastar Academy! With a fresh new design and updated navigation, the new web portal makes the user experience easier than ever by allowing you to access all the latest Yeastar training services and training-related information in an intuitive and systematic way. No matter you need to […]

How to Connect Branch Offices with Yeastar Multisite Interconnect

If you have several branch offices and would like to create a centralized telephony network in an easy and cost-effective way, you will find Yeastar Multisite Interconnect extremely useful. Yeastar Multisite Interconnect is designed to create links between S-Series VoIP PBXs deployed in different offices and has consummated the Yeastar Branch Office solution. Using Yeastar Multisite Interconnect, […]

3 Yeastar VoIP Phone System How-to Videos You Can’t Miss

To make things as easy as possible for you, we’ve prepared three how-to videos tackling the issues we think you might encounter when using Yeastar VoIP phone system. You don’t want to miss it! 1.  How to solve some common issues with IP-PBX dialing: What to do when your outbound call can’t get out? First, you should make sure that the extensions and the trunks are […]

Linkus (Beta): a Comprehensive How-to Guide

New Linkus Unified Communications App is open for beta testing now. Windows desktop and IM support probably hit the most popular list. We prepare this step-by-step guide for you to set it up as fast as possible and explore the must-try features. Before getting started, please note that Linkus (Beta) now only works with with Yeastar Cloud PBX […]

Voice Prompts Explained and the Best Practices

Voice prompts are prerecorded scripts recorded in a human voice to “prompt” or guide callers to their desired destination or transaction. Voice prompts are how you greet your customers and what the caller, both inside and outside, will hear and follow. Generally, PBX phone systems will have IVR systems, Music on Hold and Custom System prompts saying unavailable, busy, call transfer, […]

Multiple Registrations for One Number with SIP Forking

When we are off the office, work from home, we don’t want to miss calls. So you may ask, is it possible to set up two or more terminals to ring simultaneously with one single call? Is it possible to have two phones with the same extension number? Or in other words, do you want to […]