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UPON Onboarding Program

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Get started to calls in 35 minutes

Follow these steps to get your phone system set up in 30 minutes.

STEP 1 :

Activate your PBX (5 minute)

Before starting to use the Yeastar Cloud PBX, you need to activate the PBX first. The activation credentials and PBX login URL are provided in the welcome email.

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STEP 2 :

Setup 5 extensions (for yourself and 4 more for your colleagues). (5 minute)

You need to create extensions on your PBX first, this is where you manage your users.

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STEP 3 :

Provision Linkus mobile, Linkus Desktop for yourself and your colleagues. (5 minute)

Register the extensions on your Linkus mobile client or desktop client. You will use Linkus on daily basis.

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STEP 4 :

Connect your SIP Trunk (5 minutes)

SIP Trunk is a separate service you’ve to subscribe separately. It’s priced based on concurrent calls capacity, DDI numbers, plug outbound call charges.

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STEP 5 :

Setup inbound route and an IVR. (5 minutes)

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is one of the commonly used features in PBX, here we will configure inbound calls connected to the built-in IVR first, you will be asked to enter your extension number in IVR.

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STEP 6 :

Setup dial pattern and outbound route. (5 minutes)

When a call is placed, the actual number dialed by the user is compared with the dial patterns in each route, we will start from the basic dial pattern and one outbound route.

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STEP 7 :

Make test calls with Linkus. (5 minutes)

That’s it, you are ready to make or receive calls, all from your very own business numbers. You can now do internal calls between extensions, and you can do outbound calls to anywhere in the world, you can receive calls to your business number wherever you are.

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