Customers Won’t Lie: A Huge Win with Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX

Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX doesn’t play the price war but competes on quality. And there’s no doubt that it slays the competition. Self-explanatory with our miscellaneous customer cases and testimonials, choosing Yeastar S-Series is a huge win. The all-in-one IP PBX series, featuring industry leading components and an innovative field-upgradeable design, has helped many SMBs fulfill […]

Your SMB Customers are Opting for Hosted PBX Service

On-premises PBX phone systems have been the gold standard for business communication solutions for years. In recent years, hosted PBX service has been advancing by leaps and bounds and becoming the other highly welcome option for SMBs. What exactly attracted them to it? No Upfront Cost for Deployment With the hosted voice solution, SMBs have access to […]

Level Up Your Customer Services with Yeastar Remote Management

In customer service and support, remotely connecting to a customer’s device is often the most efficient method for troubleshooting and fixing customer issues. For technical support, in particular, remote access allows faster, easier and cost-saving problem-solving process and can easily help you improve customer satisfaction with fast response, minimized downtime and reduced customer frustration. Choosing […]

What Exactly Can Cloud PBX Bring to Your Business

The hosted UC market is expected to see sizable growth over the next several years. Businesses are migrating to cloud telephony while service providers and telecom resellers are eager to grab a slice of the margin. Take Yeastar Cloud PBX as an example. Let us break down what exactly Cloud PBX can bring to your business. I Am […]

How to Start a Hosted PBX Business and Earn Big

The cloud-based hosted PBX market has experienced steady and considerable growth during the past 5 years. The recent outbreak of COVID-19 witnessed flourishing demands of hosted PBX services to support working from home for quarantined employees. As remote working might be here to stay and become the new norm even after the pandemic, VoIP providers are also […]

Video: Craft a Profitable Hosted PBX Solution with Yeastar Cloud PBX

“Cloud” is where the future lies. The development of cloud communications presents a massive opportunity to broaden the customer base and lift revenues. Businesses today are looking for a simple, seamless and effective communications solution to drive productivity and improve customer service. Are you well positioned to capture your share of it? As a service […]

Introducing Yeastar Remote Management: Monitor, Manage and Modify

Remote management is becoming indispensable in plenty of business scenarios. Businesses nowadays can’t afford to be caught off guard with any severe system failure or service outages. In a highly competitive market where customer experience is a major driver of churn, the ability to manage customer premises PBX in a cost-effective manner, while ensuring the best […]

How to Sell a Premise VoIP PBX vs Hosted PBX

When it comes to VoIP PBX systems, channel partners have to choose between selling a premise based solution or one that is hosted in the cloud. The arguments for and against each is solution are varied, but for those use to selling a hardware based PBX system, there’s no denying that more and more customers are becoming interested […]