Cloud Phone System For Modern Businesses

Cloud PBX Premium - Portal tour

Admin Portal

Portal Login Page

Web-based administrative access is available via this log-in portal for set-up and modification of all call, device, and extension settings across the entire PBX system. Administrators can also retrieve call logs and recordings here.


Manage, deploy or remove user extensions instantaneously, as well as provision default call settings individual extensions

SIP Trunks

Connect a single SIP trunk for shared use across all extensions, or have multiple SIP trunks designated for particular groups of extensions within a PBX.

Role & Client Permission

Grant accessibility permissions to individual or groups of extensions for control over administrative rights and specific information made available to end users.


Create a list of company contacts that can be shared with certain or all members of the organization. 

Auto Provision

Set up IP phones in bulk, and retrieve individual phone configurations directly from your PBX automatically instead of having to do them manually.

Call Control

Determine what types of calls are allowed or prohibited from being received and made on your PBX system whether at certain times of the day, or perpetually.

Call Features 1 - Voicemail

Control various voicemail settings for individual or groups of extensions, and determine different scenarios for voicemail messages to be played.

Call Features 2 - IVR

Use customized voice prompts to interact with callers, and gather information used to route calls automatically to the appropriate destinations.

Call Features 3 - Ring Group

Merge multiple extension numbers into groups to ring simultaneously when a specific inbound route is met. Ring Groups allow for efficient distribution of calls to all members within specific departments.

Call Features 4 - Queue

Create virtual waiting rooms, in which callers stay engaged with music on hold and announcements while the queue is distributing the calls to the available agents.

Call Features 5 - Conference

Create dial-in conference to allow multiple participants, including internal users and external users, to start a conference call and talk to each other anytime.

Call Features 6 - Speed Dial

Assign specific dial codes to numbers that are frequently used, for efficient outbound calls so users do not have to remember or dial lengthy phone numbers especially international ones.

Call Features 7 - Paging/Intercom

Enable users to broadcast announcements over one or more speakers internally, without the destination party picking up the handset.

Call Features 8 - Recording

Record and store conversations automatically on the PBX when a call is established, for training, evaluation, and compliance purposes.

PBX Settings

Define various PBX system settings according to unique requirements of your business operations or individual preference.


Be aware of system status and keep the PBX running at optimum through set-up of notification settings and managment of storage space.


Robust security options are available to ensure a secure and reliable phone service to your business operations


Easily upgrade PBX firmware, check logs and perform troubleshooting tasks instanteously from your PBX.


Create a more robust UC solution to suit unique business needs with various third-party integrations and APIs enabled on Yeastar PBX

Reports & CDR

Monitor, track, and trace all call activity made within your PBX, and have the option to download call data for compliance, training or security purposes

User Portal

User Login

Web-based access is available via this log-in portal for set-up and modification of call, and extension settings for individual users. The type of access that users can have to pbx features will be determined by the permissions set by the administrator.


Manage individual extension call settings, and also view presence status of other user extensions made available by the adminstator.


Have company contacts made available to you, and create your own personal contact list separately.


Instant Messaging is available for convenient collaboration with other users within the PBX

Video Conference

Create instant or scheduled video conferencing directly from the PBX for more personalized collaboration.

Call Center Console

Monitor or manage queue performance and call activity, as a manager or agent

Call Logs & Recordings

All personal extension call log activities and recordings are stored and retrievable by the user, as granted by Administrator permission.


Customize personal voicemail settings and retrieve them easily from the Linkus Client or End Device

User Preference

Individual users can manage their own call settings according to specific preferences.

Portal Login Page

Receive your administrator log-in credentials and set-up guide via email.

Log-in on any web-browser to get started with PBX set-up.

Installation Wizard will guide you through basic configurations.


View, deploy, add, and remove user extensions within your PBX system.

Configure default call and user settings for individual extensions.

Customize allocation of user extensions to specific ring groups.