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Phone system features

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Phone System Features

Toll-Free Numbers

Allow callers to contact businesses and individuals located outside of the area without incurring a long-distance cost.

International Numbers

You can add additional international numbers to your pack.

Call Conferencing

S-Series users can join the conference room by dialling the conference extension number and, if necessary, entering the password. When a large corporation needs to keep employees in different locations across the country, or even around the world, informed of major issues, it can rely on conference calls to accomplish the goal while effectively managing costs.

Business Hours

Calls can be routed to different locations at different times and business hours can be set up. Distinct Time Condition settings can be used for different inbound routes, allowing you to decide which phone line is available at different times. By dialling the feature code on the extension keypad, you can change the business hours.


Personalize your voicemail messages to meet your specific requirements. Depending on which option on an auto attendant or extension is selected, a pre-recorded message can be added.

Calls are queued and distributed to the relevant person or department. Call routing is a call management process that automatically distributes incoming calls according to pre-determined criteria and rules.

A phone system application that displays recorded messages and options to callers and processes voice input and/or touch-phone keypad selections from these menus. In response to these inputs, the IVR function provides appropriate information in the form of voice response or connects to a “live” operator.


You can use your own mobile phone as an extension. If you enable this option, the phone will have the same user permissions as the desktop extension when the user dials into the system. As a result, the mobile number can connect to the other extension, dial out using the PBX’s trunk, and play voicemail.

Blocklist Numbers

The blocklist feature works similarly to call blocking apps on your phone, but there are some differences. Our PBX’s Call Blocklist is used to block incoming and/or outgoing calls. If you add a phone number from an incoming call to the blocklist, you will no longer receive calls from that number. And the caller will be informed that “the number you have dialled is not in service. Please double-check the number and try again later.”

Virtual Call Center

A virtual call centre is a form of communication that accepts incoming calls to assist consumers and makes outbound calls to connect with clients virtually. Numerous types of call centre systems are comprised of various channels, including telephony, email, social media, SMS, live chat, and instant messaging.

SMS Business Text Messaging

SMS Business Text Messaging solution is linked with our PBX system and VoIP GSM Gateway to enable SMS notification, Email to SMS/SMS to Email, and bulk SMS sending for businesses.


Transparency is the key

Shared Contacts

The administrator can easily generate or import a list of Company Contacts and grant access to extension users. Each contact entry can include Name, Company, Email, Address, and up to 9 numbers to identify business / personal / mobile / desk / home / fax numbers and streamline contact management. All new intakes, whether add, delete, or edit, are automatically synced to authorised users in real-time, ensuring your staff are always up-to-date. Individual users with access could also maintain Company Contacts on their own Linkus Desktop/Mobile Client, enabling ultimate ease of use for individuals on-the-go.

Shared Call Inbox

With a shared call inbox, you can create a teamwide to-do list and archive tasks as they are completed.

Allows you to transfer callers from one employee to another, or even to an outside phone number.

Call Commenting & Assignment

This feature syncs the notes and comments you make during calls with your CRM or Helpdesk so that everyone on your team can see them. If the conversation can’t be solved on the first call, you can give the most qualified team member a detailed follow-up task.

Call Center Features

The Smartest Call Centre Solutions

Real-Time Modifications

Real-time call centre analytics are provided in a customised Wallboard for active monitoring of your queue performance. Your team may immediately see the overall queue performance and be aware of the service goals. Recognize an emerging trend in time to make an informed strategy modification.

Call Queuing

Combine automated IVR with selfservice prompts to allow customers to help themselves and speed up call flow without the need for a person. Personalize your waiting experience Proactively providing beneficial information to waiting clients, such as expected wait time, queue position, and custom notice prompt, as well as queue callback choices.

Ring Groups

A ring group allows you to ring a collection of extensions in a variety of ring strategies. For example, you could put all of the technical support guys’ extensions in a ring group and call them one by one.

Modify the call flow

Identify queue traffic patterns at a glance with Queue Panel, and modify agent staffing and call routing in real time to enhance call centre efficiency.

Integrated Call Routing

Connect your consumers to the most qualified agents based on predefined factors such as date and time, agent availability, and the talents or departments required, with input from the caller.

Yeastar IP-PBX allows call recording to record every phone conversation and store recording data on external storage.

Pause-Resume Recording

The ability to record calls and play them back later is a valuable feature for a variety of businesses. When training a new sales staff, taped sales calls can be an excellent instructional tool. Call recording allows you to analyse and validate information in order to decrease liability by preventing disputes and fraud, comply with rules, and improve sales calls.


Meets your needs and provides the flexibility, dependability, and security of your deployment. Providing customised solutions has made our products the market leader in SMB phone systems.

Desktop Notifications

Use our PBX system services from any computer or mobile device to make calls, send text messages, chat, and participate in teleconferences from anywhere. No business calls will be missed, and your work will continue to advance thanks to robust collaboration capabilities.

Click to Call

It allows click-to-call virtually from any web-based CRM when using Google Chrome, avoiding complex system integration.

Ring on Speakers

The caller will reach an agent faster, but there is more to it.


Allow an incoming call to a called party that would otherwise be unavailable to be redirected to a mobile phone or other phone number where the desired called party can be found. It can be forwarded under various conditions, including “When Busy,” “No Answer,” and “Always.”

Custom Filters

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Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Concurrent calls are based on a user having access to multiple phone calls at the same time. Our customers frequently use multiple simultaneous calls by pairing an active call with a call on hold. This works well for the majority of businesses.

After-Call Work

You can create custom schedules that accommodate each department’s unique hours and call handling needs based on operating business hours.

Power Dialer

The quickest approach to swiftly connect with persons and extensions that you dial frequently is to use a power dialer. Speed dial is a function that allows you to add a dial code to a phone number that is often dialled by your users. Users do not have to remember or enter long phone numbers when dialling long sequences of international numbers on their phones.


To maximise your customer contacts, the Yeastar PBX system is linked with the most common CRM platforms.

Business Phone App for Mobile

Linkus Mobile connects Yeastar P-Series PBX System, Cloud PBX, S-Series VoIP PBX, and K2 IP PBX with iOS and Android mobile phones. It boosts productivity by providing a consistent in-office experience and robust collaboration tools. When you’re gone from the office, never miss a call. VoIP phone calls made through the office PBX might also help you save money on your mobile phone bill.

Call monitoring entails a privileged person (for example, a supervisor) tapping into a phone to monitor other extensions that allow them to be monitored.

You can talk and listen to the monitored extension without the other person hearing you.


We offer eight advanced call centre reports that give you a complete picture of agent-specific operational data, call parameters, and queue information in one place. You may also perform targeted analysis using a specific timeline, agent, or queue, share reports with your team in graphical, downloadable formats, and schedule reports to run on a regular basis.

A customer service or sales manager will find it useful to be able to listen in on a call without getting in the way or join in as a third party. Live call monitoring lets you coach and guide the call in real time so that no opportunities are missed. You can also record calls and listen to them again later.

Integration Features

Integration enables the automatic sharing of data between two platforms and the development of relationships through conversation. Your agents, reps, or managers can increase productivity with faster dialling, automatic call tracking, and real-time client data on incoming calls.

Computer Telephony Integration

Computer Telephony Integration connects the computer system to the telephone system, enabling users to manage phone calls on the computer itself. This feature enables quick click-to-dial from your PC desktop while you continue to use a physical desk phone, so long as you have a computer and internet access.

Webhooks & API

The API interfaces provided by Yeastar S-Series VoIP PBX allow you to incorporate a third-party application server. After integration, the third-party application server will support variable call features, and the PBX will automatically provide API reports to the third-party application server.

Live Feed

A customer service or sales manager will find it useful to be able to listen in on a call without getting in the way or join in as a third party. Live call monitoring lets you coach and guide the call in real time so that no opportunities are missed. You can also record calls and listen to them again later.

Contact Synchronization

Users can keep external contacts outside of your company on the PBX, access those contacts, and call them on endpoints (IP phones and Linkus clients) where their extensions have registered.

Insight Cards

An insight card is a piece of information that appears in the call view and provides context for the agent to better assist their customer:

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User Login

Instantaneously receive user login credentials via email once the extension has been deployed by the adminstrator.

Log in conveniently via any web browser for access to the user portal.

Event Center

Determine what events and logs are to be recorded and/or have notifications sent.

Specify particular notifications to be sent to respective authorized personnel.

User Login

Access and manage user settings for softphone application and voicemail.

Manage call routing and presence status for your individual extension.

Retrieve or download your personal call logs and recordings.

User Login

Receive your log-in credentials and set-up guide via email, sent by your admin.

Log-in on any web-browser to get started with PBX set-up.

Configure contacts and personal settings from the web portal.

Auto Provision

Add, remove, or modify IP phone settings from your web interface.

Upgrade IP phone firmware conveniently from your PBX.

Upload various default setting parameters specific to respective IP phone models for greater convenience during set-up.


Store, retrieve, and share company contact details easily on your PBX.

Have detailed contact information for your vendors and clients conveniently stored .

Bulk add a list of contacts instead of having to key details in individually.

PBX Monitor