The Phone System for Modern Businesses

IP PBX Models

Yeastar P-Series IPPBX

Create a free and visible new calling experience

P-Series IPPBX

Yeastar P550

Support 25 concurrent calls for
50 extension users

Yeastar P560

Support 100 extension users
(expandable to 200)
30 concurrent calls
(expandable to 60)

Yeastar P570

Support 300 extension users
(expandable to 500)
60 concurrent calls
(expandable to 120)

Free, visible calling experience

Feel the free call experience brought by the web-side voice/video transmission anytime, anywhere, and get rid of the constraints of the phone.

Provides a web-based visual call interface for each extension user, and can complete call operations such as incoming call answering, one-key outgoing call, and call transfer by clicking or dragging.

Extension users can directly view the extension status of colleagues on the browser interface, and query information such as address book, call records, voice messages, and call recordings.

Cloud PBX main benefits

operation interface

Provide a clear wizard to simplify configuration, design a fast response to improve the experience, and display data with vivid charts.

Mobile phone quick configuration IP address

Use the NFC function of the mobile phone to scan the Yeastar logo on the device, and quickly configure the IP address of the IPPBX through the mobile phone

role assignment

Supports the creation of multiple roles and grants corresponding management or viewing rights, so that they can be flexibly assigned to different functional employees in batches.

extension grouping

Support grouping employee extensions by function, department, etc., and uniformly assign custom permissions according to needs, and set them to be visible to specific personnel.

data display

The built-in dashboard displays the current number of calls, ports, extensions, Linkus, etc. in real time, provides multi-condition retrieval of call records and recordings, generates call reports.

extension status

Provides multiple optional status displays such as idle, away, business trip, do not disturb, lunch, and off work, and cooperates with corresponding strategies to deal with different scenarios.

Built-in rich functions to enhance communication and collaboration

P series IPPBX has built-in rich advanced functions, such as conference call, call recording, automatic operator, address book, queue, remote extension, etc., to meet the telephone and voice communication needs of modern enterprises.

Licensing and Subscription Services
Function deepening, service upgrade

The P-series IPPBX provides flexible and optional enterprise-level functional services, including Linkus client, tunnel service, video conferencing, and queue console, and will continue to introduce more deeply customized functions to meet the ever-increasing communication needs of enterprises.

Linkus Client

Extensions go hand in hand, communication is everywhere