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Cloud PBX Standard Vs Premium

Cloud PBX Standard

Focused on offering a cost-effective phone solution without compromise on call stability or features, the S-Series is more than able to meet an array of communication requirements for day-to-day business operations.

In addition to being enabled for remote working with the Linkus UC Client, the S-Series efficiently handles tasks from basic call transfer and forwarding to more advanced features such as call monitoring and time-conditioned routing.

Equipped with powerful API capabilities, the S-Series also enables users to access the PBX’s core features – such as initiating calls and sending SMS messages – for integration with third-party web applications, software, or devices to create unique systems.

Cloud PBX Premium

Designed to take the capabilities of the S-Series to a whole new level, the P-Series incorporates an improved Web Graphic User Interface, Call Center Operator Panel, and user friendly third-party CRM integration.

Tailored for robust call performance, the P-Series offers greater convenience to remote working through web extensions, allowing calls to be made directly from a web browser. Additionally, users are also able to access a full call center operator panel remotely through the web browser.

Powered by Amazon Web Services and equipped with sophisticated reporting capabilities, the P-Series offers a complete UC solution to enterprises with global deployment needs, without breaking the bank.


Cloud PBX Standard Cloud PBX Premium
Software Release Date Mid 2018 End of 2021
Data Center Digital Ocean, Singapore only Amazon AWS, World wide avaliablity
Infrastructure 1 pair of servers (2 servers) 2 pairs of servers (4 servers)
High availability and load balance No Yes
Uptime SLA 99.9% 100%
All essential PBX features Yes, all included. Yes, all included.
Advanced PBX features No Yes (CRM, Report, call center, etc)
Linkus UC client Desktop & Mobile phone Desktop, mobile phone & browser
Price 8 SGD/User/Month 15 SGD/User/Month

Frequently Asked Questions

I have Cloud PBX standard, can I upgrade to Premium?

At this point of time, this can only be done by manual migration. Yeastar is working on an automated upgrade script but it's not made available yet.

Is Cloud PBX Standard good enough for my business?

Depends what's your needs, Cloud PBX standard is actually good for most of the business. It's a solid cloud phone system and it does what it supposed to do. You may have a look at it's complete list of solution features.

When would I need Cloud PBX Premium?

Yeastar Cloud PBX premium is hosted on Amazon AWS, it also does a few advanced things that the standard version is unable to perform: CRM integration, automated reports, granular access control, better contacts and caller ID display, inbound call center, wall board, operator panel, group voicemail, text to speech voicemail, Linkus for Chrome, etc.

The premium cloud PBX it's built to cater stringent compliance requirement by government & financial l institutions and it's powered by two pair of cloud instances (4 servers) with high availability and load balance setup.

Is Cloud PBX Premium more difficult to setup and manage than Cloud PBX Standard?

Both solutions are easy to setup and manage, we provide comprehensive documentation that covers every aspect of initial setup and on going maintenance. If you face any difficulties, feel free to contact our professional technical support team and we will provide you detailed instructions to help you manage it by your own. We also offer paid setup and maintenance options (Requires access to your cloud PBX server by our support engineers).

Is any of Yeastar cloud PBX comes with telephone numbers?

No. in stead of we provide numbers to you, we recommend our customers to get their own SIP trunk and numbers.

Our solution offers you flexibility to work with any internet SIP trunk of your choice instead of bundling trunks like other PBX vendors whom would bundle numbers together. Doing so, you are ensured the ownership of your business numbers, buying from SIP trunk provider directly also helps you to reduce your phone bill. (No middle man mark up on every one of your calls.)

User Login

Instantaneously receive user login credentials via email once the extension has been deployed by the adminstrator.

Log in conveniently via any web browser for access to the user portal.

Event Center

Determine what events and logs are to be recorded and/or have notifications sent.

Specify particular notifications to be sent to respective authorized personnel.

User Login

Access and manage user settings for softphone application and voicemail.

Manage call routing and presence status for your individual extension.

Retrieve or download your personal call logs and recordings.

User Login

Receive your log-in credentials and set-up guide via email, sent by your admin.

Log-in on any web-browser to get started with PBX set-up.

Configure contacts and personal settings from the web portal.

Auto Provision

Add, remove, or modify IP phone settings from your web interface.

Upgrade IP phone firmware conveniently from your PBX.

Upload various default setting parameters specific to respective IP phone models for greater convenience during set-up.


Store, retrieve, and share company contact details easily on your PBX.

Have detailed contact information for your vendors and clients conveniently stored .

Bulk add a list of contacts instead of having to key details in individually.

PBX Monitor

Monitor the status extensions, whether they aren idle, in use, or unavailable.

Know whether your SIP Trunk running properly, or experiencing problems.

Monitor the number of call conferences currently running on your PBX, and their individual durations.


Check for and download firmware upgrades to ensure that your PBX is always up-to-date.

Perform back-ups to prevent data and settings from getting lost.

Perform troubleshooting on your own to debug.

Call Detailed Report

All call log activities are stored, with the option of having audio conversations recorded by default or for specific extensions.

Filter by date, time, or extension number to retrieve specific call logs or recordings

Playback call recordings directly from the PBX or download to store externally.

User Permission

Set up vaious groups of users for allocation to certain sets of access rules.

Determine what features a certain group of extensions can or cannot access.

Determine if users can access, play-back, or download call logs and recordings from the pbx.

Portal Login Page

Receive your administrator log-in credentials and set-up guide via email.

Log-in on any web-browser to get started with PBX set-up.

Installation Wizard will guide you through basic configurations.


Restrict a general group or specific IP addresses to prevent unauthorized access to your PBX.

Determine specific the range of SIP ports for connection between your PBX and endpoints.

Restrict country codes for outbound calls either company-wide or on certain extensions.