Yeastar Cloud Phone System for Business

Number options

Phone Number Options

Whether you are looking to retain your existing phone line and numbers or get brand new ones, options are available to suit any preference.

Option 1 :

Get A SIP Trunk

Along with cost savings from eliminating the need for wiring and cabling works, SIP also allows users to access their phone numbers remotely without any added gateway devices. This makes it the perfect choice for companies looking for mobility within their workforce.

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Option 1 :

Get A SIP Trunk

1. Explanation on what a SIP Trunk is
2. Benefits of a SIP trunk
3. Considerations in getting a SIP trunk

Choose from our SIP partners for hassle-free provisioning:

Want to know what costs to expect with each provider?

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SIP (Session Initiation Protocol)Trunks are simply virtual phone lines which utilize an internet connection instead of physical telephone cables, to allow users to make and receive phone calls with a phone number.

Similar to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), SIP is a set of protocol that initiates voice communication over the Internet. A main distinction between the two is that SIP also has the capability to initiate transmission of video and text communication, giving it the ability to serve the function of Unified Communications.

It is possible to retain your business number with number porting/migration when you switch from an analog or ISDN line to a SIP Trunk. The process is will just require filling out a form, and allowing our SIP partners to handle the rest for you.

Each Cloud PBX will only require 1 SIP trunk. The number of simultaneous calls that can be made on your SIP trunk will be determined by the number of channels you subscribe for (ie. 20 channels would mean that 20 calls can be made on that SIP trunk simultaneously)

Each SIP trunk can easily support a minimum of 300 direct-dialing numbers (DDI), with the ability to scale even larger as you increase the number of channels subscribed on your SIP trunk.

For brand new subscriptions, application for a SIP trunk will not take more than 5 working days. Should number retention be required, an additional 10-15 days for porting will apply.

Option 2 :

Get a Gateway

Gateways are hardware devices that convert telephony traffic from your analog or ISDN lines into packets of data, for transmission over the internet. They create the bridge required for your Cloud PBX to receive data signals for dissemination to the end devices.

Yeastar offers different gateway models suitable for each type of existing phone line.

Determine Which Models Is Right For You

Connect analog telephone lines or PABX extension interface to IP networks. A cost-effective and reliable solution for office-to-office voice connectivity.