What Should you Know about Cloud Telephony?

To make phone calls, cloud telephony employs Voice over IP (VoIP), which connects your voice to the Internet. Cloud telephony enables you to make and receive calls from any Internet-connected device. It is a voice service that does away with the need for costly telephone hardware such as phones and PBX (Private Branch Exchange) appliances. […]

IP Telephony and the Benefits It Can Bring to Your Business

Communication is key. This age-old adage is one of the driving forces behind most of the technological progress we’re experiencing nowadays. From ultra-high-speed internet connections to new devices that let us get in touch with each other in ways that were previously unimaginable. Telephony, from traditional telephone systems all the way to the cloud-hosted phone […]

Hosted Phone System: What Is It, Why Choose It, and the Main Benefits

Companies around the world have been using hosted phone systems to take care of their unified communication needs. Private Branch Exchange, or PBX phone systems allows for much more flexibility and control over offices’ communication channels than the traditional methods, such as landline telephone lines. With legacy telecoms solutions, businesses have to deal with high installation costs, […]

What Is a PBX Phone System? Which One Is Right for Your Business?

If you’ve been searching for the best business phone system for your company, chances are you’ve been inundated with a lot of information. Today, you have more telecom choices than ever before. One of your options is a PBX phone system. So, what is PBX phone system, and is it the right choice for you? […]

What Is UCaaS and What Can It Offer Your Business?

UCaaS is unified communications as a service. Unified communications offered as part of the “as a service” model is quickly becoming the go-to solution for businesses with complex communications needs. So, is UCaaS truly deserving of the accolades it is receiving? What can UCaas solutions offer your business? Keep reading as we take a deep […]

What Is a Softphone? How Can It Benefit Your Business?

If you’ve been looking for a new or upgraded phone system for your business, you’ve likely seen the term ‘softphone’. So, what is a softphone? Is it different from any other business phone? What can you do with it, and how will it benefit your business? What is a softphone: a brief explanation In spite […]

What Is Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing is an internet-based tool that empowers individuals and businesses to conduct virtual meetings, put on presentations, hold training sessions, etc. 2020 has witnessed tremendous growth in online meeting tools. Businesses across the world, regardless of their size, have been adopting web and video conferencing solutions to adapt to the increasingly remote working workforce. […]

What Is Unified Communications

Unified Communications is often referred to as UC or in some instances UCC. The latter is the term that includes the word collaboration. Unified communications is the integration of many different  types of communication that happen in real-time. These include text messaging, voice communication, video, even collaboration. Today, businesses are enhancing their traditional PBX systems that […]

What is VoIP? A Full Guide for Understanding VoIP Phone Systems

Smooth internal and external communication is one of the cornerstones of daily business operations. Nowadays, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is increasingly becoming the golden rule of modern corporate communications. Simply put, it is a proven technology that allows people to make phone calls over the Internet connection. Developed in 1995, it has evolved to become more […]

The Benefits of VoIP for Your Business

What is your best bet when looking for an affordable, effective telecom solution? Chances are, you’ve heard that VoIP is the best option, and for good reason too! VoIP is an excellent choice for tech-forward companies that need a reliable phone system. Unfortunately, once you scratch the surface, things get a bit murky. You may wonder, exactly […]

VoIP App for Business Communications: All You Need to Know

Businesses are adapting to working from home mode, demanding a more flexible solution to create a seamless communication experience and work agilely. Being an alternative to VoIP phones as SIP endpoints, VoIP apps are more and more favored by today’s businesses. It is a perfect fit packed with a full suite of business-critical features for them to […]

What is Call Center?

What is a Call Center? Call centers are centralized offices – or facilities- that are habitually purpose-built to handle phone calls for an organization. They’re operated by phone representatives or “agents” who field calls for customer support and are often serviced as phone-based hubs for telesales, telemarketing, after-sale support, and other customer services. In this […]